Pipe Dream

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Imagine you’re enjoying a Dreamcicle. Sweet, tangy orange and smooth, creamy vanilla. Now imagine you’re enjoying that Dreamcicle with your Gramps, who’s smoking his trademark pipe. Sound weird? We know...it sounded weird to us, too, then we tried this blend and we were blown away. We weren’t going to release another tobacco scent this year, but Pipe Dream changed our plans. It’s that good. Pick up Pipe Dream in our all-new Sterling blend if your beard is gray or extra dry. 

Smells like: Pipe Tobacco, Sweet Orange, Vanilla 

Scent type: Fragrance and Essential Oils

Allergy Statement: Damn Yankee Beard Company products contain oils derived from tree nuts. To request a product without tree nut ingredients or for any allergen questions, please email support@damnyankeebeard.com.

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