Furry-Man (Jay Furman collaboration)
Furry-Man (Jay Furman collaboration)

Furry-Man (Jay Furman collaboration)

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In 2019, Damn Yankee teamed up with Jay Furman to create Cavendish, and it became a best seller. We've gotten together again in 2023 to bring you Furry-Man, our first ever beard pomade. 5 organic oils, natural shea butter, and pure beeswax work to give you hold and style without the crusty, waxy feel of some beard products. The aroma of sweet tobacco, fresh citrus, and a hint of spice will have your beard looking and smelling its best all day. Don’t miss out on this special limited release. 

NOTICE: This product contains grapefruit essential oil. If you have a medical condition which advises against exposure to grapefruit, please consult your doctor prior to using this product.

Smells like: Pipe Tobacco, Citrus, Spice

Scent type: Fragrance and Essential oils

Allergy Statement: Damn Yankee Beard Company products contain oils derived from tree nuts. To request a product without tree nut ingredients or for any allergen questions, please email support@damnyankeebeard.com.

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