Castile Body Wash

Castile Body Wash

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Look, sometimes you need a nice, long shower to scrub away the guilt and shame of the day. We’re here for you. Damn Yankee introduces 4 brand-new Castile body washes that will transport you to a place where you can forget about that asshole who cut you off on the way home. Wash away people who say “expresso” and pronounce GIF with a “J.” 

All natural Castile soap with 100% essential oils for scent. This is real soap, so keep it out of your eyes and also your…well, you’ll know when it happens. Also, it won’t hurt your beard, but don’t use as a beard wash…unless of course hay beard is your thing.

Ingredients: Filtered water, extra virgin Olea europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, ^ potassium hydroxide, sodium alginate, Essential Oils

Smells like: Nature and shit

Scent type: 100% Essential oils

Allergy Statement: Damn Yankee Beard Company products contain oils derived from tree nuts. To request a product without tree nut ingredients or for any allergen questions, please email

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