A Few Words About Customer Service

Damn Yankee Beard is a small business. Like, "two person operation" small. As a result, it's necessary most of the time to wear many hats. Often, I'm wearing the Purchasing Agent hat. In other words, I buy a lot of stuff. In the course of buying a lot of stuff, I have witnessed both the soaring heights and soul crushing lows of customer service. Recently, I experienced both in one day. 

If you've ordered beard butter from us (if not, you should...it's superb), you've gotten it in an attractive amber plastic tub. We buy those from a supplier who, let's just say, has a certain reputation among beard companies for being out of stock and other supply chain shortcomings. Ol' Damn Yankee here was filling orders for our new Summer Collection (which is also superb), when I noticed I had plenty of tubs, but no more lids. This notorious supplier had shorted me a number of lids, which hampered my order filling aspirations. 

I contacted the supplier and impressed upon them the importance of rectifying their screw-up so that I could ship out orders to you lovely customers. The supplier rep created a ticket and told me someone would contact me in 24-48 hours. This person literally put in the minimum amount of effort possible and kicked my can down the road for someone else to handle. Esta no bueno. But what are you gonna do? I am but a cog in the giant corporate wheel that is American business. 

By contrast, that same day I also took delivery on some new DYBC business cards from a huge company you've probably heard of (rhymes with Vistaprint). Solid black business cards with our logo on the front and URL on the back. But wait, there is an uneven white border on the back. No good. Shouldn't be there. I contacted the supplier and impressed upon them the importance of rectifying their screw-up. Within minutes, they had created a new order and sent an order confirmation. Further, the replacement order was printed and shipped before the other supplier had even responded at all. 

My point? The measure of a company's customer service is not how they handle themselves - it's how they handle themselves when the wheels come off. My accumulated experiences over the years inform my decisions on customer service for Damn Yankee Beard. I hope every purchase from DYBC happens without any issues. I hope you enjoy every product. I hope all your questions are quickly answered. It is my job to make sure those things happen. If for some reason there's a problem, I'll do whatever is necessary to make it right. That's why you should support small business. You won't be contacting an hourly employee who's dead inside waiting for 5pm. You'll be contacting someone who has poured their passion and energy into your experience (me). Every product you purchase has been produced, packaged, and shipped by the person who conceived of that product and brought it to life (also me). And if anything ever goes wrong, the issue will be handled promptly by our Customer Service Team (which is also me). 

Have a great summer. Check out our brand-new Summer Collection. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out any time. support@damnyankeebeard.com








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